"Show index tab for this language" becomes unchecked

After I “Update from Other source”, (9.3) the “show index tab for this language” box becomes unchecked. Checking these boxes again, and saving works fine. But, upon compiling the app, the boxes are unchecked again. The end result is that none of the (reverse) language tabs are showing. The workaround is to create a new app from scratch, but is quite cumbersome.
Any ideas or tips how to prevent this problem ?

Now move to the new 10.0.01 version. The problem persists. I am right in assuming that this is a bug?

I believe so. I am going to look into this issue. I have recreated the problem you encountered and will try to resolve it.

I have a question about the update. When you updated from another source, was the filename the same but in a different location or was it a completely different filename? So, if the original source was “/user/david/test.lift”, was the different source like “/user/david/newtest.lift” or like “/usr/david/save/test.lift”?

@david_moore1 I created a brand new app with an XHTML source and reversal. I still get only the vernacular tab showing. I have never used either Update button. 10.1

In comparison a LIFT source project has the vernacular language tab and the analysis language tab as expected.