Should we default to not including languages?

Consider this scenario:
Bloom books are (uniquely?) multi-lingual in that they can contain any number of languages. When viewed on the web or the Bloom Reader app, the reader can switch between languages. This can be a great feature, for example, to have both a vernacular and national language available.

However, we occasionally get the sense that some people find it annoying or otherwise problematic to see books on that have a large number of languages, from unrelated geographies.

So our first question is, do you feel this way?

Second, when you go to upload a book, we list all the languages that are in the book and let you deselect them if you don’t want them uploaded:

Someone has suggested that we change the expectation so that by default Bloom would not include languages that are not part of what would show anywhere if you printed the book. So for example, if Athpariya were the L1 and English were the L2, we would by default deselect Bunak (a language of East Timor) and Kagayanen (a language of the Philippines). The uploader could still select these if they wanted to, but it would be more of a conscious choice.

What do you think?

I would support this change. Mainly from my personal preference although I do think I have seen some Bloom users a little confused by large number of languages listed for some books.

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