SHIFT-button on iOS (Kildin Sámi keyboard)


I was wondering if it is possible to make SHIFT button smarter, meaning that I would love to see it being fixed as follows: pressing SHIFT once for a single uppercase letter and twice fast for a prolonged CAPS-writing. Currently I have to press SHIFT on and off all the time after each single uppercase letter and it drives me nuts. I use the newest iOS and app versions. This Kildin Sámi keyboard seems to be the very first version 1.0.0. And I’ll add that it would be great to update the keyboard data or something, since the keyboard seems not to work most of the time in general. It´s been 4 years since the initial release and the latest version so far.

Thank you in advance! I hope the issue will be resolved someday.
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Welcome to the community @visulashka,

Yes! Typing like that is not optimal. We have something you are looking for in Keyman Developer, and here is how to fix it.

The keyboard might not have a caps layer, we can create one:
The Keycap Value should be as shown in the picture

Now, the keyboard should do as you wanted.

I couldn’t find the Kildin Sámi keyboard, can you pinpoint a link in the keyboard search?

Much thanks!

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Thank you for your response. I couldn’t find this keyboard either from the list, but I downloaded it from this post: | VK. It is at the bottom (the .kmp file) and it works in your official application. I’m not a developer, just a language student and for me all the work you do is magic.

Thank you in advance,

Hi Arthur,

The KMP file is generated from Keyman Developer, so the file will work with Keyman Products and the target devices. But, the keyboard is not listed in our keyboards repo, so we can’t update it. You could contact the Author of the keyboard to let them know about the issue, or if they can make a keyboard submission.

However, if you’d like to make another keyboard similar to Kildin Sámi keyboard, we encourage you to start with this documentation.

Thank you for supporting our work on Keyman! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you once again!

I contacted the Author of the keyboard. If nothing happens I´ll make a new keyboard from scrath when my Kildin Sámi studies advance. I´ll manage with an official iOS keyboard as well as Divvun keyboard for some time (Kildin Sámi).

Thank you once more,

That would be great!

Do not hesitate to create a new topic for any question regarding Keyman Products. We look forward to your keyboard development and submission.

Much appreciated.