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Hi everyone
in KMsmple1 can i active settings choice and add some orders there like original keyman app?

Probably others can help with this as I don’t fully understand the question. @Marc

I’m not the best authority on this, but my look through the Android code base strongly suggests that the Settings menus seen within the Keyman app are not included in the KeymanEngine library that the sample apps include. If I’m right about this, there would be no way to use our settings menus within the sample apps (or any other app using the KeymanEngine library).

That said, it’s probably possible to manipulate the preferences (Android’s term for settings in their APIs). Do note that at this time, we make no promises that the name for preferences you may wish to adjust will have the same name, or even be implemented in the same way, for all future versions of Keyman.

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The source for the Keyman app is online, so you can copy the Settings code from that if you want to match the Keyman Settings. However, much of the Keyman Settings is designed around installing and uninstalling keyboards from the Keyman Cloud, so it probably is not a perfect match for your needs.

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