Setting up a website with vernacular bloom books

Could you show us an example of a website containing vernacular bloom books that people could read online (Website version of the bloom book or epub version of the bloom book) and then they could fill out a short form giving their name and email so that we can email them an android version of the same bloom book?

I know the developers are busy, so wouldn’t have time to create this, but maybe someone is already doing something like this.

It also relates to my post a few days ago - how are people promoting the Bloom books they create? How are speakers of that language made aware that these books are available?

A PDF version could be shown on a website, with links to download EPUB or Bloom reader versions.

I know that you and others in Indonesia want to do this to promote Bloom books.

Is anyone else doing this already in other parts of the world?

We are working on a new system that will allow you to embed book in contexts like blogs, custom web sites, and (eventually) Facebook. You’ll go to any book, get a little html snippet, and then paste that in where you want the book to appear. Visitors to your site will get the same experience with the book as with using Bloom Reader.

Thanks John, what is the time frame for the completion of this new system? Will we be automatically notified when this is available?