Setting Keyboard Names for Android


I tried out the latest Keyman for Android app and had a bit of confusion when selecting an Amharic keyboard. Going into the Amharic submenu there were two options to choose from with identical labels (see screenshot). Perhaps the same selection scenario occurs on other platforms as well.

I suspect these two correspond to the SIL and GFF keyboards for Amharic. What field in a .kmn, .kps, or other file should be set to provide a more descriptive title?


It seems they’re both GFF Amharic:

One is for gff_amh_7 version 1.4, now deprecated by gff_amharic version 1.5.

Thanks @darcy . Is there a way to display the keyboard name at the last menu level instead of the language name?

There’s no way to display the keyboard filename in the app. The keyboard name is what is being shown, based on the .keyboard_info file in the repository.

Now, the gff_amh_7 keyboard is deprecated and should be marked as such. In the keyboard catalogue it is shown as deprecated but we don’t have any API yet to pass that information on to the Keyman apps.

The best way forward for now I think is for us to rename deprecated keyboards in the keyboards repository, e.g. “Amharic (old version 1.4)”. (Use ‘old version’ as opposed to ‘deprecated’ because ‘deprecated’ is a technical term that many people won’t understand.)

I’ve noted this as an issue to resolve at

@Marc thank you for the explanation. I see that the string in the .kps file for gff_amharic is more descriptive than what is in the .keyboard_info file, so I’ll get them in sync and that should address the issue along with your suggestion for the older version.

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