Set default font size and line spacing for the book?


I absolutely love RAB - thanks very much!

After installing fresh RAB App - the first book opens with a small size font and cramped line spacing.

It can easily be changed using the font settings inside the app after the book is open - no problem.

But how do I configure the app so that all new installations will install with default font size and line spacing that I choose before building the app?

I tried a few things in the RAB Styles section - but I can’t find the styles that change the book font size and line spacing.

Any help is most appreciated!


What is your source file type?

Set the default font, font-size in the Body style at the top of the list.

Hi Ian,
Got it! Thanks very much.
Is there a way to set the default line spacing? Currently it’s 1.20
I’d like it to be around 1.50
Thanks again.

Forgot to mention - Source file type is .docx

The formatting in DOCX is not all bought into RAB.

In RAB goto Styles > Text Styles tab > Body section
Double click on body.
In the CSS tab add the following line before the ending }
line-height: 1.5;

This is all basic CSS for HTML.

Again - Thanks very much.
I’ll brush-up on my CSS.
Much appreciated!