Seeking Harmattan alpha

Hi, Script source has an invitation to download a “Harmattan alpha” font, but it leads to an empty page instead of a download:

Can you tell me where I can get this font? We have a book that was submitted to the Bloom Library and cannot fully process it without the font they used.


Thanks - we’ll work to fix up that link. The font has now been released: Harmattan . All of our fonts can be found on our fonts page: Fonts - SIL Language Technology.

If the book requires the alpha version of the fonts, it would be far better for the authors to switch to the released version. We do not recommend that alpha - or even beta - fonts be used in production settings.

Thanks Victor. It’s embarrassing that it didn’t occur to me that this is what “alpha” meant there, that fonts have alpha/beta/release as well :slight_smile:

Alpha and beta have multiple meanings in some of our fonts, so that’s understandable! Just last week I fixed a problem with a ‘beta’ in an upcoming ‘beta’.

That link has now been updated. Thanks for reporting it!