Search function in DAB 2.0 using .lift

I am having trouble getting a fully functioning app with DAB 2.0. If I use xhtml to make the app, I have a problem in which I can’t see the reversal entries underneath the main entries when you first open the app.
When I build an app with lift files, I can’t get the search function to search for even a basic word.
Any ideas on what to try next (besides go back to 1.5)?

Yes, sorry, it looks like there is a search problem. This will be fixed for the next version of DAB, probably due in October.

Great, thank you Richard!

Any word on when the next version will be released? I’m also encountering this problem.

We are hoping that Dictionary App Builder 3.0 will be released by this time next week. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks, Richard. Any other updates?