Search for words with non-European characters return no results

When searching for a word like nkɔɔd image
or ngoŋ
produce no results. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

If you search for “ngo” does it find “ngoŋ”? If so, then that would seem to indicate a bug.

I believe that the search looks for the text you specify anywhere in the dictionary entries, so in other fields as well, not just the lexeme field. Can you try some searches for content as well, both with and without special characters?

searching for “ngo” finds “ngoŋ”, as well as tens of entries containing the string searched for.
I have tried all sorts of ways but to no avail. Might this be fixed in the next release of DAB? This is a really annoying bug.

We seem to have a search bug that only works with Latin character of the plain vanilla variety, no accents or IPA characters. I have added it to the bug list.