Scheherazade New issues

What’s the difference between the regular and LngWol- style?
This site can’t be reached is my issue when I TypeTun it
I maked a video in my computer saying permanently moved to another

Please see the Language Features chart at and look at the right-most column with the title Wolof. Differences between the standard version of Scheherazade New and the LngWol tuned font are indicated in red color.

What site cannot be reached?

fonts2go.cgi sil type tuner

This site is working for me:

the real thing I want is that I combine rohingya eastern with wolof and lots of maybe

In that case, it might be better if you do NOT choose a language. Just choose each feature that you are wanting to change. Then name the suffix in a way that makes sense to you.

thx, my grandma passed away

I’m sorry to hear about that. It’s sad to lose someone you love. I will close this issue unless you feel this is still an outstanding issue.

Oh, it’s fixed! I simply the language default