SayMore has a problem opening project

I’ve reported this. I wonder if this has to do with the fact that my SayMore files are getting backed up in OneDrive. That has been true for most of the last year, but this is the first time SayMore will not open up the project. I tried to troubleshoot the problem initially by stopping OneDrive from downloading the SayMore files (which it was doing as soon as I tried to open the SayMore project - not sure why). That didn’t help. So then I tried troubleshooting by excluding the app from OneDrive downloading. That didn’t help either. When I did that, there was a message saying I could undo that in settings, but now I cannot find anywhere to undo that in the OneDrive settings. I think I’m just making the problem worse!

Yes, I think it is related to the use of OneDrive. Lots of users do use OneDrive or other synched drives for backup and sharing, but it is the cause of cloe to 100% of our support issues, even though we’ve tried to do some things to make it less problematic. Seems that it works most of the time for most people, but then there are occasional problems. Not sure about your settings, but what you could try at this point would be one or both of the following:

  • (temporarily) make a totally separate copy of your SayMore project folder to a place on your hard drive that you have write access to but that OneDrive knows nothing about. If you get errors trying to make the copy, then we’ll know that whatever is messed up is not SayMore’s fault. If it succeeds, you can then see if you can open SayMore to view the copy.

  • Disconnect from the Internet (and maybe also pause/stop OneDrive) and try opening SayMore with the project in its current location.

Neither of these will necessarily give you a solid way forward, but they might help to understand what is happening.

I also see that you had a possibly related problem back in December that you solved (or at least you think you solved) by tweaking settings in Windows Defender. You might also want to check to be sure that this current problem is not a new symptom of a conflict between Windows Defender and OneDrive.

Okay, I’ve got it working again.

Apparently, I was running out of space on my computer, and I don’t know if OneDrive started choosing files on its own to start storing online only, or what (I never purposely designated the SayMore files to store online only, but a large number of the files in this project were designated that way). So after I cleared some space on my computer and designated these SayMore files to always keep on my computer, SayMore was able to open up the project.