SayMore for beginners?

Hi, I’ve been struggling to get started with SayMore on my own. I’d like some basic instructions for archiving/exporting projects and sessions and then how to import those files to look at on another computer. I’d like instructions how to do this in two ways i. using a flash drive or other means of sending a file ii. over the internet.

The project that I will be helping to use SayMore is a new oral translation project under the Angola Bible Society. I am an SIL translation consultant with SIL Southern Africa assigned to serve the project. It looks like REAP/RAMP will limit the projects access to the data. Unless this is not the case, please could you send me instructions for how to upload projects/sessions to the TLA archive and then how to access those projects/sessions on another computer. If REAP is a better route and I am the depositor, how to I get that set up with the project?

Is there someone who can guide me through this process between now and Saturday morning. I thought I would be able to work this out on my own but I have not been able to do so and I leave UK for my next visit to the project on Saturday afternoon. Many thanks to anyone who can take the time to help me with this, Benjie

For sure, exporting is not intended for going between copies of SayMore on different computers. You would need copy the files to the other computer.