Saraiki keyboard

I have created Saraiki keyboard. kindly approve this:

Download from

If you are wanting to submit your keyboard to be distributed on, I think the guidelines for submitting it are here:

surly I want to distribute on Please help me in posting in github.

@Saraiki, I’ve created a keyboard submission on your behalf

Please be patient as our keyboard maintainers are having a 2 week conference, but they should be able to review it when they get back.

@darcy We will need some more detail in some of the files. Will you be adding that to the pull request?

kindly download:

Saraiki Keyboard is a helpful tool for users that know and use the Saraiki language as well as the similar Urdu, Punjabi, Hindko and Balochi languages.

The app comes as a keyboard layout that replaces the basic system language with Sakari, changing the characters to the symbols the language uses.

Saraki is not a default language that can be changed from the Windows settings so a third-party app is required to make the changes. After the layout was changed, one should be able to apply the language to any text-based applications and platforms.

A normal keyboard cannot hold the entire Saraiki character set, so the app seems to provide a way to reach more symbols by checking the Shift box from within the UI.

To sum it up, Saraiki Keyboard might be a helpful tool for users that want to conduct their online works in the Saraki, Urdu, Punjabi, Balochi and Nasta’liq languages. The Saraiki model can be previewed from within the provided app, so a user that has a hard time finding the symbols on their physical keyboard should have no issue in reading it.

Note: The script is Arabic.

Thanks for the additional info. I’ve added them to the keyboard pull request on GitHub.

Note: The script is Arabic

Good. I’ve updated the BCP 47 language tag to skr-Arab for “Saraiki (Arabic)”.

Thanks Dear,
I appreciate your keen interest in this matter, I am very happy to see that my request has been merged.
But,Keyboard_saraiki is not working well now.

Can you explain what is not working? I am able to type from KeymanWeb and it is typing right to left. I am also able to access all the layers now including the LEFT CTRL + LEFT ALT layer. See screenshot:

Thanks, All is ok . It is working well now.

Great! I’m glad we could help.