Same ID - Multiple computers

Is it possible to have my Bloom ID sync’d on multiple computers (eg desktop and laptop)?

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Hi Tami,
Can you say more? I’m not clear what you mean by “Bloom ID” or what it would mean to have it sync’d.

HI John,

Thanks for your response. I have a Bloom account on my desktop computer. I’ve installed Bloom on my laptop, but it’s not sync’d with my desktop account. Is there a way to make them both access the same account/database?

I’m on remote assignment with PBT’s East Africa Branch. I travel to Tanzania twice a year with my laptop, but when I’m home I usually use my desktop.

Hi Tami,
You might be thinking that the books you see in your Bloom are stored somewhere on the internet, and that these are tied to an account. Instead, those books live on your local computer and have no relationship with a account, should you have one.

Bloom users with an Enterprise subscription can create “Team Collections” that sync books across members of a team, or yourself on different computers. For more information on Team Collections, please check out these Release Notes.

That answers my question. Thanks John!