SAB, DAB, RAB, KAB, version 10.1+ will not launch

Can anyone help? Since the release of the 10.1 versions of the various app builders, I am no longer able to launch any of them. Clicking on the shortcut link does nothing, neither does clicking on any of the associated .vbs files. When I double click the .bat files, I end up with what is shown in the image below for about .5 seconds before it disappears and nothing further happens.

I suppose I should have done a bit more research before posting. The following worked immediately for me:
Navigate to C:\Users<username>
Open the file called using a standard text editor (Notepad is fine)
Find the following lines in the config:
Add a hashmark (#) in front of theses lines
Save your changes to the file, restart the User Client Software

Thanks for posting your solution. It may help someone else!

If you have a black box showing. You are on an older version. Time to update.