Rounded corners working for Print books but not for ebooks

I’ve managed to add rounded corners to images in my book. It works great for print books, but when publishing as ebook it doesn’t work.

I add this code to my custombookstyle.css:

:not(.bloom-interactive-page).Device16x9Landscape.numberedPage.side-left .marginBox img{

border-radius: 12px 0px 0px 0px;

The book is available on Bloomlibrary:

It seems Bloom is rendering these pages in bloom-reader using a background-image technique. I don’t remember why we do this and maybe we can fix it. In the meantime, I think you will get the effect you want by making your custom CSS rule also apply to elements of class .bloom-imageContainer:

:not(.bloom-interactive-page).Device16x9Landscape.numberedPage.side-left .marginBox img,
:not(.bloom-interactive-page).Device16x9Landscape.numberedPage.side-left .marginBox .bloom-imageContainer {

border-radius: 12px 0px 0px 0px;

Love it!

Thanks very much.