Rotas eat characters in Android gmail app

The keyman app for Android behaves as expected in most apps, WhatsApp, PTLite, Messages, etc., but when I try to type in gmail with the Keyman app, the rota-based keyboard unexpectedly deletes characters previous to the current character.

Here is a sample of the code:

'p' + 'p' > 'ṗ'

'ṗ' + 'p' > 'p̂'

'p̂' + 'p' > 'p̂p̂'

'p̂p̂' + 'p' > 'p'

It removes the letter to the left of the cursor on the third step. The fourth step is even worse! It moves it back one character.

Keyman version: 12.0.4204, gmail 2019.09.15.x, Android 8.1.0

Welcome to the community, Ken.

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Could you tell us what language of the keyboard which you are having this issue with? If it’s a published keyboard, could you drop a link here so we can test it out? Thanks!

It looks like we have reproduced this issue here. See for details. We will be following up on this.

We have isolated this to a bug in Chrome (which is used within Gmail app). We have a proposed workaround which we are working on implementing, and will be reporting the issue to the Chrome team (but it may take some time to be corrected there). See the issue link above for more gory details.

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keyboards/release/x/xinaliq/ source /

An update: Darcy has written a workaround for this bug in chrome on android and we are going through final tests to verify. Once it is stable, we will port the fix back to version 12.0 as well.

We have also reported the problem to the Chrome team and they are investigating solutions from their end.