Rota group extinguishes previous character in Word

In Word (Office 365) a character inserted through a rota group extinguishes the previous character.
In Libre Office it works correctly!
In my case it is a chandrabindu in my devanagari keyboard eating the e.

k+e+M+M should give केँ
In Word it removes the e and the result is कँ

I extracted a part of the code, so that you can test it.

group(main) using keys

store(vowAnU)     'RLM'
store(vowAnUD)    'ऋऌ' 'ं'
store(vowelsDoUD)   'ॠॡ' "ँ"
store(consonantsL) 'kgcjtdnpbmyrlvsh'
store(diphtongmAtrAH)  'eo'
store(diphtongmAtrAHD) 'े' 'ो'                c e,o

+ any(consonantsL) > index(consonantsLD,1) U+094D
U+094D + any(diphtongmAtrAH) > index(diphtongmAtrAHD,2)

+ any(vowAnU) > index(vowAnUD,1) use(rota)    c R,L,M


any(vowAnUD) index(vowAnUD,1) > index(vowelsDoUD,1)

Can you provide additional details of what versions of Windows and Keyman you’re using?

I’ve just tested this in Word in Office 365 1910 12310.20410 (64-bit) and Keyman 13.0.34 on Windows 10 1903 and was not able to reproduce the issue – it worked as expected on my machine. Can you give some more detail as @darcy requests?

I am using Windows 10 Pro 1903 / Keyman 13.0.32 / Word in Office 365 Version 1910 (Build 12130.20390 Microsoft Store).
Seems to be quite similar to your system :slightly_frowning_face:

Given the similarity, I wonder if we have something else going on. Have you tested that the error occurs with the minimal keyboard that you shared here?

If it does, then perhaps you could send a debug log (via direct message) following the steps at (these instructions need updating; in particular, don’t press Pause to finish the log; instead exit Keyman). The log files are found in %LocalAppData%\Keyman\Diag and will be named system*.etl.