Ring Diacritic Indic-Roman Transliteration Not Working

Hello Everyone,

This is making me nuts The Bengali vowel ̥’ri’ should have a ring under it but I cannot make it work with the keyman set up. According to the documentation: “Use ‘0’ + ‘r’ for all undercircles.”

BUT if i press 0 + r nothing happens. I can’t even figure out a work around. I’m transliterating in Pages on Mac. Thanks so much. Everything else works great, but I am in agony over getting one character right in a poem!



I had an experience with a Keyman keyboard not working in Pages or in Mail, but it worked in TextEdit. Is the character that is not appearing one with a Unicode value of five digits? In my case it was.

One possible workaround, try typing the string in Textedit and then pasting into Pages.

Can I clarify which keyboard you are using? https://keyman.com/keyboards/sil_indic_roman or https://keyman.com/keyboards/indic%20roman%20transliteration?

I’m trying out SIL_Indic_Roman on a Mac and I see what kalibhakta describes. The 0 + r sequence does not do anything in Pages or Textedit.

Most of the keyboard does work. Everything in the first table of the documentation is working: á ‘a á â à ä ā ṅ ṭ

For the second table “Combinations common to Bangla/Assamese” nothing works, except the m̐

OS version 10.14.3 (Mojave). Keyman version 11.0.220.

@kalibhakta I guess my thought of using TextEdit won’t work either. But you could go in your browser to the Keyman web version, then copy the character string from there to paste into Pages.

Wow! Thanks for the fast response. This is really driving me batty. I am going to be transliterating Bengali poetry indefinitely and need all the diacritics. So my whole day all about trying to make a small empty dot… and I failed that too!

Alright, version is Indic Roman Transliteration (SIL)

It seems the 0 key simply does not work. It does, however show in the keyboard viewer. So if I press 0 the keyboard viewer will blink, but there is no result. The other numbers are fine, and everything else works beautifully. But this one thing can ruin a whole day.

I do not know how the Unicode digits value works as Steve_White mentioned. I’m going with the keyboard shortcut directions via the website comments:

Use ‘0’ ; ‘r’ for all undercircles.

That does not work.

I will try what Steve_White suggested and see if I can use the online Keyman as a work around.

Again thanks times a million! It’s a tiny empty dot but very important to me!

Are you typing r0r to get r̥ ?

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Okay, I have a reproduction of this problem now. It looks like an issue with Keyman on macOS at least in some apps. I have not yet determined whether it is something to do with the specific diacritic or an underlying Keyman bug, but have reported this at https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/1716 for further investigation.

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It takes a bit of fiddling around to make it work, but from the online keyboard I can paste it in as a work around for now.

The 0 shortcut simply does not register for some reason.
Thanks for everything. Now I can keep working on my transliteration!

Try this version of the keyboard. It is doing the ring under for me. It is not quite as neat, you will see the zero appear when you press zero, it then disappears and the undercircle appears when you press ‘r’ .


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