Right keyboard

Hello everyone.
My name is Prince M. Gbieu from Liberia. I work with Dan Literacy program in Liberia, Dan is a local language in Liberia.
Unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted my language software (installer) while scanning my computer for virus. I have checked on Keyman website to replace the deleted copy but still challenging. I have downloaded Clavier du Burkina Faso, but it does not work properly.
I have downloaded several keyboard types tonight on my laptop
with window 8 but it’s not working.I was using Unicode Liberia.
I would appreciate your assistance to let me know the right version.

Prince Gbieu

Hi Prince. I have a keyboard called LBTCam (the source file is LBTCam.kmn), but that keyboard is not a Unicode keyboard. I have another keyboard which seems to be the Unicode version of LBTCam and it is called LIBTRALO (the source file is called LBTCamU.kmn). Is that the keyboard you are looking for?

Hi Lorna
Yes, that’s the keyboard I am looking for.


Hi Lorna,
I would appreciate your assistance to get the keyboards.


I responded to you via email. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.

OK, thanks.
I am checking it now.