RichEdit addin for Keyman 9.0?

Keyman 8.0 has a Rich Edit addin which enables unicode characters to be input in Richview format (RVF) documents. v9.0 does not have that addin. Is there some way I can add it or otherwise enter unicode characters in RVF?

Recent versions of the RichEdit control (e.g. in Windows 7 and later versions) includes functionality to support Unicode input without requiring the Keyman RichEdit addin. This meant we were able to retire the addin in Keyman 9, as Keyman 9 requires Windows 7 or a later version. Are you experiencing a compatibility issue with a RichEdit control in a specific application?

Yes, specifically in RightNote v3.4 by BauerApps. I’ll write to its author and direct him here. There is a newer version, so perhaps that has taken care of the problem. Thanks, Marc.