Reversal fields in Language Forge

Can we display the Reversal Entry fields in Lg Forge? Our community language partners want to make sure that each Creek word will have all the appropriate reversals in the Engish-Creek reverse dictionary.

Currently we do this via FLEx, but since some of our team don’t use FLEx, we are wondering whether we can use Lg Forge in community dictionary sessions. The primary obstacle we see right now is this question about Reversal Entries.

Hi broadwell,

Thank you for your question. I’m going to give the same response as I did in this post.

Language Forge doesn’t yet handle some of the “standard” features of a fully-featured lexicon, such as reversal index and entries. I would really like to develop these however, there aren’t any developer resources at this time to add any new features. There is no ETA when things might change. The one part-time developer who is working on the project is busy with keeping the existing Language Forge and Language Depot services working. Thanks for your prayers for more development resources in the future.