[Resolved] KAB 10.2 popup key problem

In what seems to be a similar problem to one I first had with KAB 10, my keyboard (built with KAB 10.2 on Mac) which works fine under Keyman doesn’t let popups show. The app appears to work fine but a long press doesn’t show a popup. Naija_Type-1.9.12.apk - Google Drive

I would love it if someone else could test and let me know if it installs and you get a longpress popup, or else help me figure out what is wrong.

Hi @rowbory
I installed Naiji_Type (Hausa) keyboard on my Android 13 device and got longpresses on keys with the light-green hint such as c and e.
I note the longpresses are the standard Keyman styling, and somewhere on the Roadmap we hope to allow theming.

A few releases ago, we stopped including the base key on the popup keys unless the keyboard author intentionally includes it as an option.

Screenshots of the keyboard typing in Chrome

Was there a specific keyboard and longpress you weren’t seeing?

I get the same as @darcy. I tested all with a green dot and all the alternatives popped up.

Thanks so much for testing for me. That’s encouraging. It must just be my device then. I can try investigating. Full Keyman works fine on it, which is what I find puzzling.