Request Github Pull Request Review ausephon


Thanks in advance for your help reviewing this Pull Request! I especially appreciate your help as this is my first genuine attempt to use Github.


Actual pull request link: [ausephon] by benaustralia · Pull Request #2126 · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub

Our keyboard reviewers live in different parts of the world, so there may be a minor wait for one of them to come online due to time zone differences. You should get a response within a day or two, I’d imagine.

Actually, one of them has already marked this PR as “In Progress”, so they’re looking at it now.

Thanks Josh for your answer. And thanks also obviously to the reviewer.

Normally, should I post here on the forum when doing a Pull request for the first time? Or maybe not necessary. I wasn’t quite sure from reading Step 3: Submitting a GitHub Pull Request

Normally there’s no need to post here. GitHub notifies us when a new pull request is submitted.