Repeat crashes - Bitdefender?

I’m experiencing repeat crashes of Bloom and am now suspecting it is Bitdefender. See the message I just got. Any ideas to get around this or an antivirus that won’t try to remove Bloom?


The good news is, Windows has built-in antivirus. In my experience, all additional antivirus just causes problems, including, in some cases, expanding the attack surface of your computer. If you are working in an unusually dangerous environment, your IT people may require something beyond what is built into Windows. Otherwise save yourself the pain :slight_smile:

If you are unable to just use Windows Defender, there is always a way to tell your hyperactive antivirus that you trust Bloom.

Good luck!

I’d agree with John that you’re probably better off with just Windows Defender. If someone else is requiring / suggesting you use BitDefender, consult him/her about what to do to get Bloom working.

If you do end up researching this yourself (as in John’s last paragraph), use a search like:

How to tell bitdefender that a program is not a virus

and see if you can find what you need.

See also our brief article about this in our docs: Bloom & Antivirus False Alarms | Bloom Docs

Thanks so much for the quick response, guys! That’s a huge help! Goodbye it is, Bitdefender :sweat_smile: