Rename a Book

How do I rename a book.
Searching help only told me how to rename a collection.
For example, I adapted a bunch of Joseph stories. Each book is named from the title on the title page (E.g. Yosef okinmonextili ikniwan, Ikniwan Yosef okinemakakeh, etc. It is hard to see at a glance which story is which, and if they are in alphabetical order they are not in chronological or sequential order…
I would like the book titles to be simply Yosef - 1, Yosef - 2, et seq.
How do I do this?
—David Tuggy

Hi David,
Sorry to say, the name of a book is just the title, as you described. There is no place to put a separate “name” of a book, apart from its title. If you want, you could create a new topic under Feature Requests and vote for it.