Remove sources for books in bloom pack

I am wanting to create a bloom pack for others to use; however, I want to remove some books that seem to be coming along in the sources for new books.

I may want to give these to people later, but not now, especially since there seems to be some other languages attached to it. I am afraid this is because I put those sources in rather early in the game, before i understood how things work. Is this possible?

I think the answer is that if you’re making a Bloom Pack from a Source Collection, it will include all the books in the collection–that’s just how it works. You’re making a Bloom Pack of the collection itself. So if you don’t want the other books in the Bloom Pack, you’ll have to remove them from the collection. It is possible, in theory, to do surgery on a Bloom Pack and slice out the bits you don’t want in there, but that’s not the best way to achieve the goal.

For what it’s worth, you can make a Bloom Pack of an individual book by right-clicking on the book’s thumbnail in your collection and choosing “Make Bloom Pack…”