Remove keyboard

Hello, I need some assistance, currently, I am using Keyman on my website. I want to use the keyboard only when the user focuses on the specific input with id=“multilingual” and not all input, how can I un-init keyboard keyman on other input and init keyboard on input with id=“multilingual”?

There are two steps to this.

Step 1: during initialization, set attachType to "manual".

When in manual mode, KeymanWeb does not automatically connect to your page elements. Whereas auto provides “opt out” behavior, manual provides “opt in” behavior instead.

Step 2: “Opting in” / enabling a specific element

Putting it together

So, for your case, your keyman.init call should resemble the following…

  attachType: 'manual'
}).then(function() {
  var multilingual = document.getElementById('multilingual');

Something like this should suffice.

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