Remove an erroneous translation from a translation bubble

The Scenerio

Occasionally, beginner Bloom users start a book using certain language settings, only to later realize that they should have used slightly different language seting – perhaps specifying a certain script variant.

Or perhaps the user makes a mistake an inadvertantly puts vernacular text in a text box which should have been tagged as “English” or “French” or vice versa.

Whatever the reason, once the language setting for a text box is changed, the previously entered text will move out into the “translation bubble” associated with it. Typically, this is not desirable (especially if the author wants to upload the book to Bloom Library.)

Therefore, it would be helpful to have a way to “clean up” a book and remove extraneous or erroneous translation bubbles.

Proposed Feature Request

Since we already have a way to copy a translation bubble, perhaps a CTRL-click on the same “copy” icon could remove the translation?