Recording tool

I have been trying to make a recording for a talking book using the talking book tool. It is wonderful, however, it seems to be choosing the order of boxes to be recorded. For that makes it reverse the order of events in the book. Any help on how to command it select the correct text?

In the current Beta version of Bloom – available here – the Talking Book Tool has a new feature to “show playback order buttons” and re-order elements. This was added primarily to re-order Comic bubbles on a page.

For non-comic books, however, the ordering of text boxes shouldn’t ever be a problem, but there have been a couple of strange situations where went awry. So, if using Bloom Beta doesn’t not solve your problem, please submit your book to us through “Report a problem” system (accessed by clicking on the question mark symbol top right of the screen), and we’ll take a look at it.