Receiving Books within the Bloom Reader or Sharing over WiFi

I have found receiving books sometimes becomes problematic especially in a workshop setting where Bloom broadcasts a book to ALL devices in the room connected to the WiFi. I would like to suggest a feature like the HearThis App that allows one to use code (IP address format) to share/sync specific projects between the desktop and Android apps. Perhaps Bloom can borrow this idea to share books between specific devices using a code. That way, only devices that use the code will get that book instead of all devices that are connected to the WiFi.

Thanks for the suggestion, David.

This would be a good feature. In workshops, it can be a challenge with multiple users sending multiple books.

I haven’t used the HearThis app, but what David describes sounds good. There would need to be the ability to still broadcast the book to all devices incase that was desired. Maybe by displaying the code on the Bloom program, then users enter that code into Bloom Reader on their devices.

Maybe Bloom could display a code and IP address, and the app could have the current command to receive from any sender and another to receive from a specific device after scanning or entering the code?

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