Re: [LinuxUser] Wasta-Linux 22.04.1 ISO Now Available!


Thanks so much for all your work here! Wasta is working really well for me. Could you clarify one thing please -

I have been using the 22.04 from the time that it has been in “beta.” Now that it is officially released will all the updates I need just happen automatically or is there something else I need to do to be fully on the new version?




Gene and others,

Yes just applying all updates should be enough to keep up to date. We did do a few things that I can’t recall if we caught before the beta, such as making sure to NOT use the “hwe” (hardware enablement) kernel. Right now there isn’t a difference, both are at 5.15. But in the future, the “hwe” kernel will upgrade major versions to match the newer kernels in interim releases (22.10, 23.04, etc) for newer hardware compatibility.

You can run “wasta-disable-hwe” to make sure your kernel version will not roll out from under you.

Additionally, if you want to make sure and get any possible new default packages, you can always run “wasta-system-upgrade” at any time, which will apply our standard “app-installs” script.

I’ll try to write this up a bit better and post on it, thanks for asking.