RAMP transfer to new computer

Hi to whoever is reading. I have a new computer and would like to get my record of previous RAMP submissions transferred to RAMP in my new computer.

Does anyone know who I can email directly to ask about this?

I have tried the ‘Export list’ option and there seems to be an error there as when I save it as a csv file, it never ends up appearing in the folder that I save it to. In addition, if this is the way to transfer the record across, then there’s no option in RAMP to ‘Import list’ so I don’t know how that would work anyway.

I have sent two feedback submissions as a way of trying to contact someone that knows about RAMP, but haven’t heard back yet. Not a lot of time has passed yet, so I may still hear from someone in response to that in the next few days.

But if anyone here can help, that would be much appreciated.

I know that you can export individual RAMP files to your local computer. You could move those RAMP files to the new computer, and then double-click on each one to open it in RAMP.

I usually don’t bother keeping all of my old archive files in RAMP because we generally export RAMP files and store them on a local server after we have Uploaded the archive item to REAP from RAMP. So I’m much happier keeping a very short list of archive items in RAMP, only the things that I’m currently working on.

Thanks for the reply. I heard back from someone this morning with a link with the instructions for transferring to a new computer. I see that it copied across all the original files too, which I also have stored elsewhere on my computer, so there are duplicates of the original files taking up space. Do you know what would happen if I used the ‘clean’ function? Would that at least delete the uploaded files from the RAMP folder in the computer but still leave the record of the archive info?

I like to keep the previous submissions as I cheat a little and duplicate previous submissions when I make a new submission, as then there is less info for me to enter and I can just alter what needs to be different.

Yes, I just tried doing the ‘Clean’ function and it does delete the original files from the RAMP folder, but doesn’t affect the files in their original folder.