RAB project losing data

Anybody else having this problem?

I’m building an app and everything is going great. I modify it, save it, build it, and run it on my phone as I tweak things. Then several times all of a sudden I install the new .apk on my phone and when the app opens it can’t find the book.

When I open the app a message pops up that says: “Reader: No book found.” The book still shows up in my RAB project and the folders on my computer where the file lives.

Then when I close and reopen RAB to see if that will fix it, all or most of my app project is missing. The books folder doesn’t even show up in RAB anymore (and I can’t add new books–so the project is dead) and a lot of the settings have been lost, colors, images, etc. The books are still in the project folders on my computer, RAB is just not reading them.

I’m running RAB 8.3 on Mac. Am I doing something to trigger this problem? Is it a bug in RAB, or something I’m doing?

Thanks a ton!

I’ll do some testing on my Mac but it won’t be until next week. Snowed under in other work this week.