RAB build failed

I have reinstall everything again and still getting the same error. Can some provide me solutions ?

I’d reenter the two passwords for your keystore in RAB, App, App Signing. Often the second one is the one that is wrong.

I am able to rebuild old save project but not the new ones. My internet connection is working fine too. I will try to creat a new keystore and try again

Ian, I had the same problem. I did what you suggested to the other person. By the way it was the correct answer to fix the problem that I had made for myself, I use number of laptops.

It’s stuck with the same errors after creating the new keystore

If you are happy to share your project with me, I’ll see if I can build it. If that works we’ll know it is something in the setup on your computer and not with the project itself.

If you send me a link to a file sharing site like Dropbox or Google Drive via a personal message. Just click on my head icon and choose message.

You been able to build it ?

I see you shared with me but it was only the source DOCX file not the whole project.

I was able to build an app with your data.