RAB 9.0.0-Ubuntu-Lost all apps

Leo wrote:
For your information: I am using Ubuntu Linux 20.04
Updated to Version 9.0 Build Release 3 (04 Aug 2021).
Now I have lost all my apps. They were all there in Version 8.6.6. Sorry can not send a screen shot as I have already started to rebuild with the 20 or so app projects that are in Google play store. May be a correction may appear in Version 9.1

When you say that you lost all of your apps, do you mean that (1) the apps no longer appear in your RAB interface, or (2) the app definition files and data were deleted from the App Projects folder - or both?

If (1) happens, it does not mean that (2) has also happened. You can use File > Open App… or (more usefully) File > Open Multiple Apps… to open apps that you were working on before but that were not automatically opened for you when you launched RAB.

Leo wrote: [Aug 15 Sunday 1533 New Zealand time].

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your reply.

Looks like both 1 and 2 are not working.

File > Open Multiple Apps, I can only find the two apps that I have reinstalled. Or otherwise Box would be blank.

Are the files held in RAB or in a folder and file on the Laptop**?** I have moved the folders and files around the laptop.

The Box which which is of the left side of the RAB and has the word “App” was empty when I opened the RAB 9.0 this morning**.** RAB 8.6.6 every thing was there and working. But I had not moved any Folders or files about.

It is like I am starting for the first time. I like to know is it what I have done and if so I have work around and it my mistake in moving files and folders around in my laptop. Or has other Linux Ubuntu users got the same issue?

Thank you for your continued help - Richard and team
From Leo.

Leo wrote:

Hi Richard,
Further information:

The app files and projects were not updated or reinstalled or carried forward from from RAB 8.6.6 to RAB 9.0
I hope this helps.