Questions about Speech Analyzer

We received these questions from the SIL Software website:

Good day. Please assist me with the following: -

  1. I have your speech analyzer software and would request to have a pdf manual on how to optimise my usage of this software to access noise and human speeches.
  2. And to frame noise from speeches.
  3. And if possible to calculate the distance of the noise and speeches from me to them.

Does anybody have suggested answers for this person? I’m guessing they will need a different piece of software to accomplish what they are looking for.

Thank you,

James Post

Nevermind… I accidentally deleted the email (in a Google Group) from this user and don’t know how to recover it. Oops.

@Terry_Gibbs is probably the one experienced enough to answer SA questions.

Hi @James_Post , I have updated the Speech Analyzer website with links to our documentation (which may be out of date). See Speech Analyzer - SIL Language Technology - SIL Language Technology

Hopefully you can forward this information to the user who asked about it!

Thank you Chris. I appreciate your help.