Question on Keyman Web & the KMD "web" Target


I was looking at the Keyman Web list of keyboards for “Amharic” and was surprised to see two keyboards that I had submitted recently appear in the dropdown menu (“Mesobe Fidelat”, “Harege Fidelat”). In Keyman Developer, I had checked only the targets “mobile” and “tablet” which I thought would avoid the web platform (they won’t work as expected on Web).

Is this an error? If it is expected, what would be different with the “web” target selected?



This seems like a bug. The home page for the keyboard also lists “web” under “Supported Platforms” when the source clearly has store(&TARGETS) 'mobile tablet'


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One way around it might be to add to keyboard_info:

    "platformSupport": {
        "ios": "basic",
        "android": "basic"
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Yeah, this is a limitation of the way the .keyboard_info metadata is currently inferred – the presence of the compiled .js file in the .kmp will infer platform support for web. You can override that default in the way @Lorna says.

We plan to improve the way .keyboard_info data is generated in a future update of Keyman Developer.

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Thanks @Lorna & @Marc . The keyboards do work fine under the “Mobile web” platform. Would using “basic” the way Lorna recommended also disable “Mobile web”? Thanks, I’ll check the documentation on this topic also.

Yes, you should be able to add:

 "mobileWeb": "basic"

Thanks. I don’t see references to the .keyboard_info from either the .kps or .kpj files, so I’ll make an update this evening without bumping the keyboard version number. But redirect me if the version number should still change.

No version bump required!

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The mystery persists a little. After the updates for Mesobe and Harege Fidelat keyboards (thanks!) the “Web” platform listing went away on their respective homepages. However, the two keyboards still appear under the “Amharic” menu at (see screenshot). The change to the Ethiopic Noto fonts appears to have gone through, so I believe that the screenshot reflects the latest updates and not cache.

Thanks @dyacob, I’ve documented this as an issue to address on

This bug can be tracked at bug: keyboards.php should filter keyboard list according to device type · Issue #64 · keymanapp/ · GitHub.