Question: How to successfully install Bloom on Windows 7 pre-Service Pack 1

My wife and I are leading two Bloom training workshops this week sequentially. The first had 37 participants (three of whom did not bring laptops) and the current workshop has 34 participants. So far, we have successfully installed Bloom on all but three of the laptops, all of which are running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate, but which have not been kept up to date. They do not have SP1, nor does it seem to be possible to activate Windows Update through normal means. .NET 4.5 won’t install, nor does the Microsoft NET Framework repair tool improve the situation. Any suggestions? Or, has anyone faced a similar situation and found a solution? Thank you for any tips. (The most stubborn situation we faced in the first workshop was a Windows 10 unit that was so far behind on updates that in needed .NET 4.6.1, but it wouldn’t install, nor would any Windows Updates until we ran it all night getting the Creators Update downloaded and installed. After that, the myriad of other updates installed, and then Bloom blossomed!).

If you can’t get Windows 7 to upgrade to SP1, you may be able to run the Vista version (3.7.13) or the XP version (3.0.110), both of which you can get from the downloads page on

You might need to tell 3.7.13 not to upgrade to newer versions; it knows not to try this running on Vista, but I’m not sure it will realize that updates are no good on Windows 7 without SP1.

Thank you, John, for your reply. We had been trying 3.7.13, but had not gone to 3.0.110 yet, hoping to resolve the issues with the more recent version. 3.7.13 did install on several other W7 systems, also without SP1. I saw one displaying a message today that that version could not be upgraded on that system. Of the three most problematic, though, one of the participants brought an alternate laptop with Windows 10, and the other two were determined enough that they had their laptops upgraded to W10. So, all the participants had the software by the end of the day.