Question about Talking book

Is it possible to insert two sounds together, one for animals cries and other the record sound?
For instance, we have an image of dog. We want to add the cry of dog, and to add its name too by recording.


Recent versions of Bloom support a ‘music’ tool which can be used to put a background sound on a page. It will play repeatedly, so that may or may not work for you.

Other than that, the only current option would be to play the barking sound into the microphone at the same time you are recording the word, or to use some external tool to blend the sounds into a single file.

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Thank you John for the answer.

I have a recent version of Bloom, so where I can find the option of “music tool” to put a background sound on a page ?

Currently this is only in the beta version of Bloom (4.2 or later), which you can get from
Once you are running Bloom 4.2 or later, open a book, use the three lines in the top right to open the toolbox. Choose ‘More’ in the bottom right, and click the “Music Tool” box.

Thanks Thomson. I did it, it is wonderful.
But, how I can put “talking books” online ? I know how to share with people who already got “boom reader”.

The file that Bloom reader makes when you share a book (or the whole collection) can be made available to download. Any device that has bloom reader installed should be able to open such a file and get the book or books installed ready to use. For example, you might choose the share command in Bloom Reader, choose email, email the book to yourself, and then put the file you get online wherever you can.
The publish/Android page in Bloom also has an option to save the book to a file you can share online.

Thanks, but I`d like when I share Bloom Reader, I cannot see the files I have recorded, so I have to share this files. Then, what I can do to share Bloom Reader and the files together.

It sounds like you are wanting to be able to share the Bloom Reader and the book files at the same time. E.g. so when people open the Bloom Reader they already have all the books in it.

Bloom Reader is an App that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It comes with one sample book, then users load it with any books they would like to have. (In this way, it’s similar to how the Kindle App or Google Play Books App come without any books or just sample books).

People need to already have the Bloom Reader App on their device before they can open Bloom books. (In the same way that people already need the Kindle App or Google Play Books App before they can open those books).

If you’re wanting to create an App that opens with all your books already installed, then maybe you could use Reading App Builder (RAB) instead. If your books are already in Bloom format, they can be used as a source text for Reading App Builder. There’s instructions on the RAB website.

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