Put Keyman Keyboard in Wordpress


I am aware that Keyman keyboard can be included in a blog or website, but I do not know exactly how to do that.


According to the instructions above, if one included the following codes:

<script src='https://s.keyman.com/kmw/engine/10.0.103/keymanweb.js'></script>
<script src='https://s.keyman.com/kmw/engine/10.0.103/kmwuitoggle.js'></script>
  (function(kmw) {
    kmw.addKeyboards('@en'); // Loads default English keyboard from Keyman Cloud (CDN)
    kmw.addKeyboards('@th'); // Loads default Thai keyboard from Keyman Cloud (CDN)

the keyboard should appear in the blog.

Here is the question, where should this code bloc be included in WordPress blog page?


Joshua can assist with this. (He doesn’t seem to have a handle here though, can you ask him to register when you ask on this?)

@joshua_horton Please take a look when you have time. :slight_smile: