Punctuation in lexical models - Quotation marks around the “keep” suggestion

Dear colleagues,

Having created a touch-keyboard as a test, there quotation marks around the “keep” suggestion. I have never seen these before on my phone in the samsung predictive text window. What is the purpose of these quotation marks? What would be the disadvantage of not using them ?
Thanks for any feedback you can give.

The quotation marks are there from an original design decision, to indicate keeping the text the user has typed, unchanged, as opposed to the other suggestions, which are changes. This pattern does match iOS more closely than Android, and we are open to suggestions for future changes to how this is presented. See also https://github.com/keymanapp/keyman/issues/3056 which is a request to disable this option altogether.

I have since found out it can set (or not set) in the model.ts file. So it is good that people have a choice. I have never seen it in any android device though. As for IOS, I have never used or owned an Apple product . . . so I can’t say.

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