Pulling copyright metadata from images from the FreeBibleImages web site

Learning Bloom a few weeks ago, I and my partner were taught we could download images from the FreeBibleImages web site and import them into Bloom. When we did, our trainer said that the copyright metadata for the images should automatically be imported into Bloom. But that didn’t happen and still doesn’t as I work with Bloom in preparation for teaching it in one week in Gabon and with plans for translators to finish a translation workshop with books on three Bible passages. Is this a known problem? Suggestions on what to do? Thanks.

If their images don’t have embedded metadata that Bloom can use then you can enter the metadata yourself when you bring it into Bloom.

Once the images have all been put into the book, you can add metadata for image, and Bloom will ask you if you want to copy that metadata to all other images in the book. So you only have to enter the information once.

Thanks, John and Andrew. Yes I did think I was going to have to manually add the data for each image, but discovered the “copy for all” feature last night. That’s a helpful feature. When we were taught Bloom by Randall Lemley, he introduced us to the FreeBibleImages site and told us that Bloom interacted with the site (or simply bringing in images in this way) by automatically copying the copyright info. He was quite surprised when that didn’t happen in our trial work and thought this was a problem with the latest Beta version (4.0.106 at the time). But if I understand you John, you’re suggesting that all images sets don’t have embedded metadata. So this wasn’t a fault with Bloom, it was just that the sets we were trying to take images from lacked embedded metadata. Is that right? It turned out it was pretty easy for me to look at the copyright agreement and manually add this to the Bloom shell. But it will not be as easy for one of the Gabonese I’ll be training to read English copyright info and know what to do with it. Oh, well. (In reading the copyright info, I discovered that I didn’t have permission to create publishable material from one of the image sets.)

Just started to redo one of my shells, and this time worked from 4.1 which John sent me yesterday, rather than 4.0. The copyright info was imported directly and automatically. So this functionality is NOT working as it should in 4.0.114.