Publishing to Bloom Library

Today I published a book to Bloom Library but the Read online and download to Bloom Reader options are not appearing… only download as pdf is an option. This of course will make the book more difficult to share and distribute! The link is below, language Amri Karbi.
Bloom Library: About - Ahi Asang

This other book we also published on Bloom Library today and it worked as expected.
[Bloom Library: About - A B Ch Chirli Nang](

We followed the same procedure for both books… so I’m not sure what went wrong… How can I fix this?

We’ll look into this Nancy this morning and get back to you. (It’s likely a problem with us needing a custom font.)

By the way, in the future, the best way to report highly specific problems pertaining to a particular book is to use the Report a Problem... feature in Bloom itself, tick the box Include Book and describe the problem (as you have done above).

In this way, we’ll have a copy of the actual source book, your collection settings, and other details which will help in our investigations.


UPDATE: The problem has been fixed.