Publishing dictionary apps

Now that I have a dictionary app ready to use, how can I make it available it in the Google Play Store? The app should be considered SIL intellectual property, so it seems SIL should be the one to publish it in the Google Play Store. Is anything or anybody set up for that? Or are we on our own? I see in the DAB program, there is an option mentioned to publish it via Scriptoria, but that link is a dead end.

Use the App Publishing Service and choose the second Scriptoria option that is built into DAB. It is under Publishing.

That makes life simple.

How can I see other dictionary apps in the Google Play Store that were published this way? Can you point out some examples?

In the Publishing option in DAB, there is tab for Scriptoria, and the first thing listed there is a button, "Go to Scriptoria Website… When I click on that, I get a notice, “Organizational Membership is Required. In order to use Scriptoria, you must be a member of at least one organization.Please contact your organization administrator to discuss receiving an invite to an organization on Scriptoria.” Now what do I do?

When I press “Go to Scriptoria Website…” I then get the option to log in with Google. There I log on with me SIL credentials.

It may be that you don’t have any Google accounts logged in.

I tried to “SIGN UP WITH GOOGLE” using my SIL email address and that was the message I got.

Have a look at this documentation: About Scriptoria - Scriptoria - SIL Scripture Software Community

@linguafranka contact me at Chris underscore hubbard at SIL dot org and I can get you setup at scriptoria.


David, operational units in SIL are taking different approaches regarding publishing dictionary apps, so it is worth contacting your publishing colleagues in the area to find out what this is.

For example, some dictionaries are being published on the Webonary Google Play account. And in some countries, dictionary apps are being published on a country-specific developer page in Google Play. And in other contexts, dictionary apps are being published on language-specific pages.

Thank you for showing me the dictionary apps published in the Google Play Store by Webonary-SIL. I had searched in the Google Play Store before, searching for SIL, and I couldn’t find anything. Now when I search for Webonary-SIL, I see these ones you mentioned and a few others that look like SIL-produced dictionaries but not published by Webonary-SIL, such as the English-Fulfulde Dictionary and the Tausug Dictionary. The SIL Webonary department now says that they are no longer publishing apps in the Google Play Store. But I will contact publishing services for my SIL area and find out what they are doing. They have never published a dictionary app as far as I know.

Here, for example, is how SIL is publishing dictionaries for languages in Nepal:

That is great, that SIL International - Nepal has published so many dictionaries as apps in the Google Play Store. I am glad to see that. I think we have some catching up to do in the Americas.

Here is where we post the apps from Cameroon:


I am very happy to see that. I wouldn’t have found those dictionaries unless you showed us, or probably if I was looking specifically for dictionaries of Cameroonian languages. I think this is a great thing SIL is doing.