Provide search and replace

I`m currently working on a book with at least 240 pages. And I have thought it would be so nice to have a “find and replace” function.
And maybe the run basic check tool from Paratext with punctuation and capitalization (I know we are spoiled)

Thanks for the nice program.

Hi Job, thanks for the feature request.

That’s a big book!!! For now, it might be possible for you to export to a spreadsheet, make your changes, then import the whole thing back into Bloom. @ColinSuggett do you want to get together with Job (PNG) and talk through options?

@Job_Boone I’d be delighted to show you the spreadsheet feature and also see your book. I can meet you this week. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi Colin,

Yes surely I’m Interested can we do Thursday maybe in the morning from 8:30 am i`m in the time zone GMT+11:00


Sounds good. I will send you a calendar invite.