Proper keystrokes for typing capital ś

Can anyone instruct me how to type ś with a capital S? Where would I find this information?

Hi Rajaperry,
We’re going to need a bit more information to help you.
Keyman has hundreds of keyboards and each Keyboard has its own custom combinations. Could you please let us know which Keyman keyboard you are using and whether you are on a computer or phone?
For example, with the Eurolatin keyboard, the command would be 'S .

Where would I find this information?

We try to make sure that most of our keyboards have a “help” link so you can easily find the keyboarding system. For example for this keyboard
There is a link towards the bottom (with a label of Documentation Keyboard help):

Hi Matthew, thanks for responding. I am using Keyman on my laptop and I am using the Transliteration (DE) keyboard.


I’m sorry, that wasn’t enough information to know which keyboard you are using. The language “De” doesn’t seem to have a transliteration keyboard. Maybe you mean that you’re using a German (DEutch) physical keyboard for some language. Maybe the De means Devanagari and we still don’t know the language.

As Lorna says, once you find the keyboard on Keyboard Search , you should be able to click on the blue Keyboard Help and find the answer yourself. Otherwise we need at least the Keyboard name to help you.

As Matthew has said,“DE” isn’t really enough information for us to know which keyboard you are referring to. I suspect you associated a keyboard with the “DE” language. However, I looked at your last message from a few years back and it looks like you were using this keyboard:

That one does not seem to have a way to access the capital form. In general I would expect transliteration keyboards to not need uppercase since the intent is for transliteration input and not orthographi text.

However, I also found this keyboard which seems to produce what you are asking for:

You can also try both keyboards online by clicking on “Use keyboard online” and you can test the keyboard. The help link on the home page for the keyboard will generally give you the keystrokes.

If these are not the right keyboards, we will need to know exactly which keyboard you are using.

I wonder if he means the Heidelberg layout?

I am guessing this is the Heidelberg Input Solution DE Transliteration keyboard (The Heidelberg Input Solution keyboard, Heidelberg Input Solution Keyboard Help). In that keyboard, according to the help documentation, you can type either of the following to produce Ś:

  • `, Shift+S or
  • ´, Shift+S

Hi Matthew, my apologies for my ignorance regarding the ins and outs of Keyman. The particular keyboard I am using appears to be the English (Australian) keyboard and the particular set I am using is the Indic Roman Transliteration (SIL). Does this help?

Thanks, that helps.

I’m not personally familiar with this keyboard, but after looking at the documentation and the code, it looks to me like the keyboard doesn’t support a capital S with that or any other diacritic. I don’t think it’s anything you’re doing wrong. Maybe that’s an oversight or rare in the orthography, but it seems the keyboard developer didn’t foresee this combination.

For the programmers, the stores in keyboards/sil_indic_roman.kmn at master · keymanapp/keyboards · GitHub are not the some length, and none of them include capital S, N, or T.

Those stores are not actually being used :slight_smile: We’ll try to update the keyboard in the near future.

The keyboard has been updated and hopefully it meets your needs:

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Mac keyboards have the Ś on every Mac or iPhone. I often use it for transliteration of the Hebrew שֺ (sin).
Press S, keep it pressed and choose option 2 on the regular Mac keyboard or on the phone move your finger to option Ś or Š (שׁ shin). This message was typed on an iPhone SE.

Thanks @Lorna for updating the keyboard

@rajaperry With this keyboard, you should now be able to type the character in lower and upper caps.

  • lower: type ' and then s to get ś
  • upper: type ' and then S to get Ś

Dear Lorna, that is great news - thank you!


Hey Makara,

Thanks for relaying this info. Much appreciated!

By the way, is your name ‘Makara’ as in the sanskrit for the mythical crocodile or as in Capricorn rashi?