Promoting, Sharing, Distributing Bloom books - through websites

I’ve received several questions, asking how others are promoting and sharing Bloom books, so decided to post the question here.

  • How do you promote the books you have created for your languages?
  • Do you just share through Bloom Reader?
  • Do you upload them to a website? Facebook community?
  • Do you upload them to the Bloom Library?
  • How do you direct people to find the specific language books they are looking for?

Hi Liz. This is not how I do it, but how I would like to do it. I am working towards creating an online bookshop where authors and publishers can sell their ebooks and readers can buy them using cell phone based money systems. This would make Bloom ebooks more accessible to people in general, and that authors can earn something from their work. Currently we share Bloom books through something like a Bible box (wireless hard drive), through Bloom reader, SD cards and usb sticks.
We’ve not yet progressed to major distribution of Bloom books.