Promoting Bloom

Hello friends, How do I find opportunities to show and discuss bloom books to potential readers and potential future developers of Bloom books? I want to recruit others to take over the productions of these bloom books.

Hi Craig–we take every opportunity in our context to demo Bloom for other people and groups. I would encourage you to develop a demo that you’re comfortable with and can do anytime, even on the spur of the moment. I find that it helps to think about what aspect of Bloom might be most appealing to a given person or group and highlight that aspect and go lightly over other aspects. (For example, if they aren’t going to do decodable and leveled books, you could mention those tools but not bother demonstrating them.

I also find it helpful to emphasize Bloom’s ease of use and how that equips people to make books who are otherwise not skilled with computers.

I hope these ideas are helpful to you.

In addition to what Paul has said, I have found that if people see what Bloom can produce (e.g. printed books, books in Bloom reader), they will be more interested in using it.

I have some sample books on my phone in Bloom reader that I can easily show people.

Are there literacy programs happening in your area or with others in your organisation? Do you know any teachers? Or Sunday school teachers? Once one person gets excited about using Bloom, that enthusiasm spreads to others.

Paul thanks for your advice. Do you have a sample demonstration that could be emailed to me at craigs at overseasmail dot net ? Thanks